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Name:Robert Lutece
Birthdate:Jun 3
Location:United States of America

Robert Lutece is a physicist and supporting character in BioShock Infinite. Throughout the game, Robert and his female counterpart Rosalind escort Booker DeWitt to and across the city of Columbia, offering him aid. They organize several experiments along the way, presenting him with choices and attempting to predict the outcomes. Robert frequently bets against his "sister," and wins most of the time. Though the Luteces actions mainly help Booker, they once aided Zachary Hale Comstock, and in fact supplied him with all the technology necessary for the creation of Columbia. Unlike his sister, Robert is not a fatalist. Rosalind describes this by saying that where she sees King Lear, Robert sees a blank page.

More indepth information may be found at the link above. Spoilers abound.
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